Chapter Officers



 Malcolm Gettmann

 Chapter President

Lisa Salow

1st Vice President

Dulce Ladines

 2nd Vice President

Brian Kuhns


Tiffany Newcomb

Recording Secretary

Steve Holman

Membership Secretary


All Stewards and Officers

Name Title
 Malcolm Gettmann  President/Steward
Lisa Salow 1st Vice President/ Chief Steward-San Marcos 
Tiffany Newcomb Steward Recording Secretary
Brian Kuhns Steward/Treasurer
Dulce Ladines  2nd Vice President /Steward
Steve Holman Membership Secretary/ Steward San Diego
Kristy Carazolez Steward - San Marcos
Terri Smith  Bankruptcy- San Diego
Layne Cogan Field Exam- San Diego
Maria Gold Field Assistance –San Diego 
Femi Ayadi Exam San Marcos
Marilyn Montgomery Collection San Diego
Rudy Sanchez Collection San Diego
Edna Diaz TEGE San Diego
Lisa Camacho  El Centro
Ramon Estrada Counsel- 701 B Street
Mike Hensley Counsel- 701 B Street
Jose Gomez TAS
Paul Lambert TAS

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