Hatch Act DO's and DONT's

 Employees May:

  1. Register and vote as they choose;
  2. Assist in voter registration drives;
  3. Express opinions about all candidates and issues, privately and publicly;
  4. Run for election to a non-partisan office;
  5. Contribute money to political organizations or attend a political fund raising function;
  6. Sign petitions, including nominating petitions;
  7. Wear political badges, buttons (except in government buildings);
  8. Run for office within party organizations and affiliate groups;
  9. Attend political conventions, rallies and meetings as an elected representative of a partisan organization;
  10. Take an active part in political management of campaigns;
  11. Solicit contributions to the political action committee of the organization to which both employees belong provided that the contributor is not a subordinate employee;
  12. Spouses and other members of an employees' family may engage in all forms of partisan political activities.


Employees May Not:

  1. Be candidates for public office in partisan politics;
  2. Use their official position to influence or coerce colleagues and election results;
  3. Wear political buttons in government buildings;
  4. Collect, solicit, receive, handle, disburse or account for contributions from the general public;
  5. Wear a government uniform or government insignia while engaged in political activities;
  6. Sell tickets to a political fund raising function to the general public.