Links of General Interest

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 Research to your hearts' content

Lots of stuff, cheap

GREAT new MOVIE review site. Gotta see if you go to movies

CA Dept. of Consumer Affairs

The Food Channel.  What else is there in life?

The Mecca for chocoholics


Maps, Maps, and more Maps

Demographics and comparisons of your favorite zip code neighborhoods.

 The San Diego Reader online.

Bed & Breakfasts on the West Coast

Kelley Blue Book

 How much is your jalopy really worth?

Give it a location, it will show you how to get there.


An electronic bank system to send money  to anybody else in the Paypal system.  Great for Auctions, stranded kids, spouses, extortionists, etc.

Public Broadcasting. links to shows on the channel & more


:Lots of travel information on places, transportation and more

The Weather Channel

  Guess what you get here?

Our local birdcage liner

U.S. Post Office